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Sven Jacob Anwalt Arbeitsrecht
Written by Sven Jacob on March 4, 2024

Labor law

I help with:

  • Dismissals, whether for operational, behavioral or personal reasons
  • Operating conditions (extraordinary operational reasons)
  • Behavioral (employee's behavior disturbs the peace in the company, he violates his duties or the relationship of trust is broken)
  • Personal factors lie in the employee's abilities, such as
  • The loss of the license to practice. ...
  • Lack of language skills. ...
  • Prevention of work due to imprisonment. ...
  • A weak work performance. ...
  • The loss of the work permit. ...
  • The de-registration of a student assistant. ...
  • Alcoholism.
  • Warnings
  • Payments of wages
  • Advice in the run-up to steps taken by the employer under employment law to avoid dismissals and legal action
  • Examination of employment contracts
  • Examination of termination and settlement agreements, which are usually addressed to the employer with a counter-proposal
  • Supporting the client without making an appearance (in the case of termination of employment, it makes more sense for the employee to approach the employer without a lawyer making an appearance. I draw up proposals that the employee takes with him into negotiations with his employer

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